Monday, September 20, 2010

Down South.. "Let me fall out of a window with confetti in my hair"

Tom Waits sings about Louisiana in a way that diffuses oppressive humidity and heat into a gritty, romantic landscape, like sodden streets in old photographs.

I've spent the past month here, visiting old friends and family, and my pal Shanny, seamstress/jewelry designer/crotcheter extroardinaire, showed me how to make a necklace and earrings. Here’s a peak at the results..

I used glass, copper, and brass beads for this one..

For years I've had an old coin from South Africa and a clear lens from an optometrist; they finally materialized into something wearable with Shanny's help. I used glass, brass, and vintage beads, along with a disc pearl for this necklace.

I want to post photos of a pair of excellent earrings Shanny made, but they're saved on my camera--not my memory card. I have no idea how to retrieve them! But they're blue and red, involving Catholic memorabilia and safety pins..


  1. Those earrings are stunning!


  2. браслет замечательный!))